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DLS / C. House

Location / Atri (TE)_Italy
Year / 2011
Client / Confidential
Type / Housing
Status / Completed
Design Team / ODA / Monica Merlotti (partner in charge), Federico Novi

The subject of complete renovation in historic context here is  declined in a modern interpretation of the existing architectural  and typical past element. They are made ​​all "cassettonature" in lightweight materials such as plasterboard, reinventing the ceilings concept as a principle feature spaces always creating new perspectives on the chain-linked volumes, typical of historic buildings. Even the floors are treated to propose "tile-carpet" as well as for the walls, through colored backgrounds with geometrical pattern has been repeated on the wallpaper. Then through a process of abstraction and synthesis, using eco-friendly techniques and materials with low environmental impact, was made a general layer directly overlaid on existing surfaces, respecting features and peculiarities

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