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Rapid evolution of relationships, communication systems, ways of life, imposed a careful observation of approach in the field of architecture. Design, intended not only as a mere technical solution, it becomes a cognitive tool to create and represent physically relationships, give form and substance to needs, requirements and concepts.  A continuous formal and theoretical research, also applied to materials and digital visualization techniques of control and management of design and construction process is the approach of ODA / Officina di Architettura was founded in 2006 as a "multidisciplinary platform" take care about urban strategies, tangible architecture and virtual scenery. Currently formed from three main partners, the office uses continuously contribution of consultants and specialists changing their arrangement to search best "design solution". From 2014 Officina and InGeo Studio combine know how and experience to reply in an integrated and resilient way to complex design reality.

Monica Merlotti / Born in Barquisimeto (1979_Venezuela). Degree with honors, Faculty of Architecture - Florence, with a thesis on Food - Design (cooperation with Mukki Latte). Start her career winning Food Design 3 competition, with "Cowfee" project, published on the main magazines. Master in Food Experience Design, Polidesign - Milan. She took part as a founding member of ADI for Food Design delegation. Parallel starts her professional career specializing in interior & furniture design, collaborating with various companies. Founder Officina di Architettura and Head of Interior design

Emma Barzotti / Born in Nereto (1979_Italy). Degree with honors and dignity of publication Faculty of Architecture - Florence, designing an aid for studying and learning of children with autism. Start her personal career specializing in interior design, coating systems furniture. Designs and renovates several private houses and showrooms. Co-Founder Officina di Architettura

Federico Novi / Born in Pisa (1978_Italy). Degree with honors Faculty of Architecture - Florence, with a thesis about the problems of collective transport "for all" (in cooperation with Trenitalia). Joins with Giovanni Vaccarini Office, focusing competitions development. In 2006, he works in New York (USA) for Penna Architects PC. Back in Italy, he worked for a short time for Heliopolis 21 Associates (Pisa) and international Office M. Fuksas (Rome). After starts his career participating in various international competitions ranging from the urban scale to interior design. Later he specialized in Project Management and in 2008 joins as a Partner of Officina di Architettura. In 2015 he takes Ph.D. in Building Technology and Environment, Faculty of Architecture - Pescara. In 2016 he wins a position for technology temporary lecturer  in School of Architecture, Umea Universitet (Sweden)

Design Team & Collaborators (from 2007) / Emiliano Aloisi (InGeo), Sandro Cerqueti (InGeo), Lisa Di Carlantonio, Luca Pierabella, Miriam Maiorani, Stella Lucidi, Claudia Sabatini, Pierpaolo Barnabei, Giuseppe Savini, Alessia Lallone

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